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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Israel is under attack as the media is silent in order to avoid damaging the "victim image" of the Palestinians

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Watch: Jewish activist Hananya Naftali on the Israel-Gaza border revealing the shocking reality of the Israeli people over the past year.
Where is the wall-to-wall international coverage? Why isn't this making headline news?
Where is the world's outrage? Where is the UN now? Where are the protests?
The Western world is silent when Islamic terrorists attack Israel, but screams when Israel defends itself.
The video (embedded below) shared on social media with the following description:
"... This is what's happening on the Israel-Gaza border.

The Great March of Return is not peaceful, it's focused on terrorising the lives of Israelis living near the Gaza Strip.

While Israel is giving them tons of humanitarian aid every week, we are getting rockets in return.

Israel has every right to defend itself from Hamas' aggression. Share the truth..."