Sunday, April 21, 2019

Hundreds of Christians were killed and injured as Islamists blew up churches during on Easter Sunday

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Breaking: Apr 21, Colombo: Watch: heartbreaking scenes as People gather outside Colombo hospital demanding answers about their relatives.
6 blasts target Catholic churches, hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday; at least 150 Christians killed and more than 400 others wounded, in the largest terror attack in the country's history.
Sri Lanka security official said 6 near simultaneous blasts hit 3 churches and 3 hotels frequented by tourists, according to the Associated Press.
One bomb has exploded at St. Anthony's Church in Kochchikade and the other at St. Sebestian's Church in Katuwapitiya, Katana.
Both explosions have occurred at the same time at around 8:45 am local time, reports from Colombo say.
The United Nations ignores the brutal persecution of the Christian minority throughout Asia and Africa.
Western countries should stop funding the UN.
The U.N. General Assembly elected Qatar, Congo and Pakistan to its top human rights body, joining existing members such as Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba and Venezuela.
Countries that practice Sharia laws have been chosen to be human rights watchdogs.
Even a country like Iran has been given a seat in the UN Human Rights Council.