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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

British Labor MP humiliated after using fake video to spread "Blood libels" against the Jewish people in Israel

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Israeli army official Twitter account mocked and humiliated UK Labour MP after useing footage of Guatemalan troops to accuse the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (Jewish State) of committing war crimes against Palestinian Muslims.
The IDF responded that the video was not of IDF soldiers, but a 2015 report from Vice News about Guatemalan soldiers beating civilians.
As the Jewish people celebrate Passover the British Labour MP, Grahame Morris, accused Israeli troops of beating Palestinian children,
while citing four-year-old footage of Guatemalan soldiers violently assaulting unarmed teenagers.
This is literally a blood libel against the Jewish people in Israel. This incident exposes the true face of the left in Britain.
They do not care about human rights, they just hate Israel.
They never criticized Hamas, Al Qaeda or ISIS for the crimes against humanity that they are commiting on a regular basis.
Members of the anti-Semitic Labor Party in Britain are obsessed with Israel for being the Jewish state.