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Monday, April 15, 2019

Australian senator says she doesn't believe or trust women wearing full face cover

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One Nation leader Pauline Hanson posted the following video on social media with the following description:
With approximately 70 ISIS children or young people of Australian IS fighters stranded in refugee camps overseas, psychiatrists are saying Australia is not capable of dealing with them.
This is one social science experiment I'm not willing to risk.
If Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison want to allow the bleeding hearts of this country to make a decision on our nation's future security, they're bigger fools than I thought.
It's not worth the risk!..."
In the video Pauline Hanson mentioned the moderate Muslim leader Imam Mohamad Tawhidi who told her that burka and niqab are signs of religious extremism and therefore she says that she does not trust ISIS family members who want to send their children back to Australia because they wear a veil.
She also calls to ban all full veils in Australia.
The video went viral on social media. What do you think about this?
Please leave a comment down below.