Thursday, February 14, 2019

Watch: Pakistani Muslim "refugee" attacks Tommy Robinson at a restaurant in Valentine's Day for being a critic of Islam

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Tommy Robinson posted a shocking video on his official Facebook page.
While he was sitting in a public restaurant, a Pakistani Muslim began shouting at him and harassing him on Valentin Day.
This is what the UK media is trying to inspire, they want to silence Tommy Robinson and so it spread false news against Tommy Robinson to refer the Muslim community against him.
Tommy never said anything racist against the Muslim community. He simply criticizes Islam, the political elite and the establishment in Britain.
Shame on the Mainstream media.
Please share this video.
Tommy Robinson was a political prisoner in Britain, he was arrested and jailed for criticizing Islam.
Sending Tommy Robinson to jail is a death sentence and the UK knows this. It was acknowledged in the court room.
Tommy Robinson was arrested for ‘a breach of the peace’ while live-streaming a report on a muslim grooming gang trial at Leeds Crown Court. What kind of Police state the UK become? So what he was jailed for? He expressed his thoughts in public.
Is it a crime to have an opinion? There was no violence or threats of violence. He is free to have his opinion.
Whether you agree with Tommy Robinson or not, you should support his right to freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech is a fundamental right in a democracy.
Tommy Robinson was jailed for reporting on Muslim grooming gangs. A job that he chooses to do with no regard for his own safety, informing the public of all the wrongs committed in the name of Allah. Fighting against adversity and reporting on issues that the mainstream media are too afraid to speak of.